Fully Loaded BMW iX M60 Is Better Value Than An X5 M Competition

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This is how much you'll pay for BMW's most expensive electric SUV.

At the recent Chicago Auto Show, one of BMW's most impressive models on display was the iX M60. With 610 horsepower and up to 811 lb-ft of torque, this powerful electric SUV will hit 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. It's one of many M-badged electric BMWs that will be launched over the next couple of years. We already know that the BMW iX M60 will start at $105,100 when it is officially launched in June, but since the configurator for this model hasn't yet gone live, we haven't been able to tell how many options are available for it. That's all changed thanks to an iX M60 pricing guide shared by a user on Bimmerpost.

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Unsurprisingly, the M60 comes with several options that will quickly inflate the base price. That being said, we've seen BMWs with longer options lists in the past. And, unlike Porsche, BMW equips its SUV to a high standard straight from the factory. The most expensive extra on the list is leather upholstery for $3,500, which replaces the standard SensaTec upholstery.

There are just two packages to choose from. The Luxury Package costs $1,150 and adds soft-close automatic doors and glass/wood interior controls. At $1,900, the Driving Assistance Professional Package comes with parking assistance and the driver-assist features that form part of Active Driving Assistant Pro. Outside, you'll need to part with $1,950 for premium paint options like Aventurin Red Metallic and $950 for one of the 22-inch wheel designs. A set of 21-inch wheels come as standard.

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Fortunately, the iX M60 comes with a long list of standard features including two-axle air suspension, a power tailgate, four-zone climate control, Icon adaptive LED headlights with Laserlight, ventilated front seats, and a panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof. With all the options checked, you're looking at around $115,000 for a fully loaded M60. Interestingly, leather is a cheaper $2,450 option on the xDrive50 model, so one can assume that the M60 has even more upscale leather upholstery.

A fully loaded xDrive50 costs about the same as a base M60, but the former has "only" 516 hp and is nearly a second slower to 60 mph. Besides this, the M60 has an estimated range of 280 miles relative to the xDrive50's confirmed 324 miles.

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Perhaps the biggest conundrum for BMW fans will be whether the iX M60 is a better buy than the similarly priced, slightly slower X5 M with its comparatively old-school V8. We managed to spec an X5 Competition for over $124,000. It's not only around $10,000 pricier than a fully loaded iX M60, but it's a little slower, has a much more conservative interior design, and simply doesn't have the presence of the newer iX. The V8 does sound a lot better than the "Iconic Sounds" that BMW has programmed into its iX in a collaboration with Hans Zimmer, though. But is that reason enough not to move over to electric power in this case?

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