Fun in a Small Package: Mazda2 Vs Volkswagen Polo

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Two small hatchbacks made for driving enjoyment on a budget.

We've always been fans of the Volkswagen Polo, despite the fact that it's not sold in the US. Sadly, there's no indication from VW that this will change anytime soon, if ever. What US hatchback fans do have at their disposal, however, is the Mazda2. Engineered with Mazda's "Zoom Zoom" engineering philosophy, the Mazda2 is a solid handler that's fun to drive and relatively fuel efficient. And now there's an all-new model that'll likely surpass its predecessor in just about every category.


The Polo, on the other hand, is aging fast. But still, the 2015 Mazda2 and the VW Polo are two of the best hatchbacks you can get today. The Polo is powered by a range of small, but powerful gasoline and diesel engines. The new Mazda2 is also available with gasoline and oil burner engines, both of which are 1.5-liter units. Now, Mazda has yet to officially confirm whether or not the new 2 will even be sold in the US at all. If so, there's still doubt as to whether the diesel variant will be offered. For those in Europe, well, you're in luck. You're guaranteed to get both, as well as continued sales of the Polo.


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