Funky New Honda EV Shows Off Its Sleek Face

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If it's half as cool as the Honda e, it'll be a winner.

Remember the first two generations of the Honda Insight? Although incredibly frugal due to their hybrid powertrains, they didn't do much to make hybridization sexy with their ungainly styling. The latest Insight changes all of that, while the fully electric Honda e is one of the most charming EVs in recent memory.

Staying with this momentum of hybrids and EVs that are just as desirable as they are environmentally friendly, Honda has announced two intriguing models to be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show later this month. The show was originally planned for April before the global shutdown. One of these new Hondas is an EV concept car and the other is a plug-in hybrid variant of the popular CR-V.

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Honda shared just one teaser image of the EV concept car, although it isn't 100 percent clear if it is a sedan or possibly a low-slung crossover. Something in the form of the Honda Sports EV would have been great, but this looks quite different from that car. That being said, the sharp lines, sleek headlights, and smart use of LED illumination across the nose and for the Honda badge make it look stylish indeed. Honda says that this concept will be its first EV to be introduced in China and will preview the eventual production model to follow it.

No further details were shared about the concept, but hopefully, we'll be treated to a few more teasers before it is officially unveiled. More than this, we hope that this EV won't follow the route of the Honda e that isn't coming to North America.

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Another important model on the menu for Honda will be the CR-V PHEV. It will be the first CR-V of its kind to be introduced in China. It should prove to be even more efficient than the current CR-V hybrid sold in the US, which returns a commendable 40/35/38 mpg across the city/highway/combined cycles.

Honda promised that other all-new mass-production models will also be shown in Beijing, while its luxury arm, Acura, will be showcasing "various mass-production models" as well. The 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition opens up to the public on September 30.

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