Furious 7 Crew Love The $3.4 Million Lykan Hypersport


But then they crashed it through a skyscraper.

With just days to go before Furious 7 hits the big screen, the buildup to the hotly-anticipated seventh instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise is hitting overdrive. Vin Diesel has clearly lost the plot already, after admitting his is convinced the action movie will win the Best Picture Oscar next year. Here we get to check out some behind-the-scenes footage of one of the film's many insane stunts, which includes the Lykan Hypersport being driven out of a skyscraper, flying through the air before smashing through another high-rise and ultimately falling to its death.

The crew clearly love the $3.4 million hypercar, but that didn't stop them from killing it.

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