Furious 7 Had The Most Mistakes Of Any Movie For All Of 2015

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Is this at all surprising?

Furious 7 may have set a new record as being the fastest film ever to earn $1 billion at the box office, but now it appears that it's being recognized for something else, though it's not necessarily a good thing. According to Moviemistakes.com, Furious 7 was the most mistake-filled movie of 2015. It has a total of 41 mistakes. Just for comparison, Jurassic World came in second with 33 mistakes, followed by The Martian with 21, and Spectre with 16.

More on the list included: Mad Max: Fury Road (15), Terminator: Genisys (11), Ant-Man (10), Fifty Shades of Grey (8), Minions (7) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (7). So what's considered a mistake? Well, for example, the site points out various Furious 7 scenes when car windows are sometimes tinted, other times not, a scene where Brian is lying on the ground and his sweater changes from open to closed and back open again between shots. And there was when Dom, Brian, and Mr. Nobody are in the car and Mr. Nobody says about trying the Belgian ale, he coughs and says another line. However his mouth doesn't move at all during this time.

Heck, they even point out the scene when the house explodes and the fireball creates a pressure wave strong enough to send Brian flying into the van. Thing is, not a single window breaks on the other houses that are only a few feet away from the explosion. Hopefully the production team for Furious 8 is taking a few notes here.

Source Credits: www.moviemistakes.com

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