Future Aston Martin Powertrains Will Be Designed By A Ferrari Engineer


Aston Martin has taken Joerg Ross under its wing ahead of electric invasion.

For those needing a reason to stay in school (or give their children reason to keep studying), it’s important to know about the concept of talent poaching. Even with an economy that seems to have recovered on paper, millennials are still cramming into their parents houses and becoming statistics. But those with applicable talents, especially talents surrounding electric powertrains, are being fought over by auto companies. Tesla is notorious for using this practice, having stolen engineers from Apple before.

Now Autocar is reporting that Aston Martin has just added Joerg Ross, the ex powertrain boss of Ferrari and Maserati, to its payroll. Under the British automaker, he will be responsible for leading the brand’s push towards electrification, which will be embodied in the electric RapidE that’s slated for release in 2019. Ross is qualified for the job to say the least. The man has been engineering powertrains, gearboxes, and even electric drivetrains for the last 25 years, with 16 of those being dedicated to working at top engineering positions in Italy, Ferrari’s F1 team being the most notable. More recently, he held position as Maserati’s head of powertrain development since 2014.

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Aston Martin chief technical officer Max Szwaj said: “We are delighted to welcome Joerg to the Aston Martin team. His considerable experience and knowledge will prove invaluable for the engineering team as we prepare the business for the next generation of Aston Martin products.” Aston Martin’s adoption of Ross is further affirmation that it is looking towards an electrified future, and Ross couldn’t be more excited. "I’m delighted to be joining Aston Martin at what is an exciting time for the brand,” said Ross. “The company is at a significant point in its history, with the recent announcement of its first all-electric car, the RapidE. I’m excited to play a part in developing Aston Martin’s future vehicle strategy.” Good luck beating the Porsche Mission E.