Future Aston Martins to Have Mercedes Platforms?

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The UK automaker is apparently getting quite cozy with the Germans.

Aston Martin is a lot of things to its devout followers, but in the very near future the UK sports car builder is going to have a clear German influence. It's been several months since Aston Martin and Mercedes high-performance division AMG announced a partnership where future AM's will be powered by AMG engines. Now it appears that relationship maybe closer than we first thought. According to recent reports, Mercedes-AMG platforms could be used to underpin future Aston Martins.

Aston Chief Ulrich Bez very much wants to have an Aston SUV based on the Mercedes M-Class to go on sale around 2017, and will likely be called the Lagonda. This, obviously, would be in addition to Aston's use of AMG's range of engines which are switching from naturally aspirated to turbocharging as we speak. Fortunately, Bez stated that Aston's 5.9-liter V12 isn't going anywhere for at least another decade.

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