Future Collectibles You Should Buy Today: Ferrari F430

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Want to be stupid rich? Buy this Ferrari ASAP!

Astute individuals consider buying cars that they think will be a good investment. I am a lot like these people, except I lack one key asset, MONEY! While I can't buy most of the cars that I talk about, I often watch industry trends and take notice of cars that are too cheap and itching to rise in value. The Ferrari F430 is now right in my radar. This is a "relatively" affordable Ferrari that can still be found with one very special feature that is bound to turn it from an "average" supercar into a future collectible. I will give you a hint, it makes the car slower, but somehow more fun.

The Ferrari F430 is one of the last Ferraris to be offered with three pedals. Most original owners opted for the faster shifting F1-style transmission. While that gearbox may have been faster, it lacked the purity of the gated manual. Let Matt Farah remind you how great the gated manual really was.

The trend of manual Ferraris becoming valuable started with the 599 GTB. Just 20 examples of the 599 GTB were fitted with the manual transmission. A 2007 manual 599 sold at auction in 2015 for $682,000. Despite being less than ten years old, the 599 GTB manual has already become a desirable classic. The 599 is so special, because it was the last Ferrari to ever be equipped with a V12 and three pedals. While the 430 manual is not as rare as the 599, it is realistically the last V8-powered Ferrari with the, now obsolete, signature gated manual transmission. The California was technically the last manual Ferrari that was ever available, however only two examples exist. (Talk about a future classic, right?)

Values are already on the rise for F430s with manual transmissions. You can still find one for less than $200,000, but have fun scrolling through car listings that say they are manual, but have only two pedals when you sift through the pictures. No one knows for sure how much these increasingly rare Ferraris will be worth one day, but it was less than a decade ago that a manual 599 wasn't worth any more than an automatic. If you want a future classic than is highly unique and fun as heck to drive, you better go out and find an F430 with a manual.

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