Future Driving: BMW i8 Vs Porsche 911

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Will the 911 adapt to new technologies such as those found in the i8?

The gold standard for the best all-around sports car has for a long time been the Porsche 911. Competing automakers have tried and found it immensely difficult to build a better car. However, a new breed of high-performance sports cars are being launched, and perhaps one of the best examples is the BMW i8. Combining lightweight materials such as carbon fiber with an advanced powertrain that involves electric motors paired to a conventional gasoline engine, the i8 is a clear example of things to come.


Now, you may be wondering how in the hell the i8 and 911 are even competitors. It's a fair question, but perhaps you need to think of it this way: which one best represents the soul of a sports car not only today, but in the future as well. Porsche is very much aware of what the i8 represents, hence the rumored development of a 911 hybrid. And it won't stop there. The 911 has evolved for half a century now and there's no reason to believe that evolution is going to end. A 911 with i8-like technology may be just around the corner.


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