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Future Electric Mercedes Cars Will Have More Distinctive Designs

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There’s a good reason why the Mercedes EQC doesn’t have an extreme design like some other EVs.

The much-anticipated all-electric Mercedes EQC was finally revealed this week, but the design didn't exactly blow us away. For a technologically advanced luxury EV, it looks bland and uninspiring from some angles compared to the stylish Jaguar I-Pace. But while some carmakers are creating EVs with outlandish designs, Mercedes has designed the EQC to resemble the GLC crossover. This was a deliberate strategy to avoid alienating customers who like the current design. That said, there are some design elements that give it a unique identity, such as the polarizing grille. This design philosophy will soon change, however.

Mercedes is planning to launch nine more electric vehicles by 2022, which will have more distinctive designs than the EQC according to EQ sales and marketing boss Jorg Heinermann in an interview with Autocar. "The EQC has a close link to [the similar-sized] GLC, but for some of the future EQ models you will see more distinct design," said Heinermann. "We have deliberately decided to take a step-by-step approach here."

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Mercedes interior designer Hartmut Sinkwitz added: "[The EQC] is the starting point for the electric family. We felt this is the right amount of revolution to start with for this car. You will see more with other EQ models. We believe this is a good starting point."

The EQC's interior also looks similar to other Mercedes models but has unique gold accents and upholstery to distinquish it. It will certainly be interesting to see how future Mercedes EQ models will deviate from existing models. The upcoming EQS, for example, will be the luxury sedan of the electric EQ range, but whether it uses design cues from the S-Class remains to be seen.