Future Ferrari Models Will Have Cutting-Edge Digital Cockpits

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Future supercars will benefit from a new partnership with Qualcomm.

Ferrari has just scooped up an award for the world's most beautiful car thanks to the Daytona SP3, but Ferraris have never really had any major problems with their appearance. Their performance has also always been beyond reproach, and while quality has been an issue at times in the past, today's Fezzas are as well-built as any Italian. But if you've sampled some of Maranello's creations from the past decade, it's clear that while the automaker is improving safety systems and infotainment usability, things that one takes for granted in everyday cars are often missing. This is nothing new in the supercar space, but as the competition gets better and better, Ferrari can no longer rely on just performance and brand power to nominate itself as the world's best.

Fortunately, Qualcomm has just agreed to help take Ferrari's digital innovations into the future.

Side View Ferrari Rear Angle View Ferrari Qualcomm
Side View
Rear Angle View

Snapdragon will be the face of Qualcomm, and its systems will be used "across multiple platforms and categories, including automotive." Qualcomm explains that the Snapdragon Digital Chassis "is comprised of open and scalable cloud-connected platforms needed for next-generation vehicles, which includes telematics and connectivity, the digital cockpit, as well as ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) functions." Ferraris of the future will therefore be easy to connect to, better at providing information to the driver, and safer too. Qualcomm will work with Ferrari to design, develop, and integrate new digital cockpits for the Italian marque, and says that its new technologies are updateable throughout the lifetime of these future vehicles.

Front Angle View Ferrari Top View Ferrari Front View Driving Ferrari Rear Angle View Ferrari
Front Angle View
Top View
Front View Driving
Rear Angle View

The partnership will also extend into Formula 1. Qualcomm Technologies will start serving as a Premium Partner of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team from the start of this season, and a Snapdragon logo on the new F1 racecars will signify this. Ferrari's eSports endeavors will also benefit from the partnership. As for the F1-75 racer that will be campaigned in the 2022 FIA F1 championship, this will be revealed on 17 February at Ferrari's Maranello headquarters. In the meantime, here's a teaser to get you excited for the upcoming season. Hopefully, the new single-seater will look just as good as it sounds. If motorsport doesn't matter to you, we're pretty sure that Ferrari will have something for you to celebrate in its 75th anniversary year.

Scuderia Ferrari/Facebook Scuderia Ferrari/Facebook Scuderia Ferrari/Facebook Scuderia Ferrari/Facebook

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