Future-Forward ATV Concepts

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The ATV is anything but dead as these futuristic concepts more than prove.

Off-roaders are in for a treat if all of these future-forward ATV concepts are any indication of the all-terrain vehicles to come. The ATV of today has a fairly tame design and engine standing in comparison to these crazy concepts. In addition, each of these ATVs has an eco-friendly engine powered by either electricity or hydrogen fuel cells. So whoever thinks that there'll no longer be a market for ATVs in the future is likely wrong, as manufacturers are already working on innovations such as these for the next generation.

Atilla Tari's "Saddle" is an all-electric ATV that's equestrian-inspired. Saddle's three wheels operate independently of one another and are controlled via a gyroscope and the throttle and brake are in the shape of a horse's reins. Giddy up.

Out of all the ATVs on this list, Facundo Elias' electric quad is perhaps the most likely to go from concept to reality. Elias has put a green spin on the modern quad, removing its gas engine in favor of a 48V motor powered by four 750A batteries. The combination of no emissions and reduced noise would be great for eco-conscious riders concerned with reducing the damage they do to the environment while riding.

Batyr Ospanov's vision of the ATV of the future is buggy to say the least. Ospanov's concept is an all-electric ATV designed to change its shape to correspond to the current terrain. The ATV seats two and has integrated solar panels that provide power in a pinch.

The TrakRok from Alexei Mikhailov is an awesome design that shows what would happen if an ATV and a snowmobile had a child. The TrakRok is powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell and features two wheels in the front and a single tread in the back. The removal of the rear-wheels in favor of a snowmobile-esque tread is genius to say the least as it allows riders to maneuver better in mud, snow and soft sand.

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