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Future Lexus Cars are Going to Look Even Wackier And That's a Very Good Thing

Think the new NX crossover looks nuts? Just wait.

The front spindle grille styling looks to some as though it were inspired by Darth Vader himself. Whatever your opinion is regarding the latest design language coming from Lexus, don’t think for a moment the brand is eager to return to its more conservative image. In fact, the very opposite is going to happen. According to a new report from the UK’s Car Magazine, the next generation Lexus lineup will become sportier and "more emotional."

Speaking with the luxury brand’s European chief, Car says it was Toyota boss Akio Toyoda who gave the order for Lexus to continue being more emotional and dynamic. "He (Toyoda) is keen that the future products will be fun to drive," said European VP of Lexus Alain Uyttenhoven. "The LFA announced that Lexus could go from comfort, refinement and silence to being fun to drive too. From now on, we mean it. The RC F costs a sixth of the LFA cost, but will deliver 80% of the fun." But back to the styling: if you thought the new NX crossover was kind of bonkers looking, then just wait. Future Lexus models will be even more distinctive. Fortunately, more F models are planned and don't be surprised to see a performance hybrid arrive either.

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