Future Of Aston Martin Vanquish In Doubt

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It might all depend on the success of a certain other model.

Aston Martin's struggles have been well documented but after an investment consortium led by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, who now sits as Executive Chairman, pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the company, things are on the up. However, the success of the Aston Martin DBX, production of which is already underway, is a must. Especially for the long-term future of its enthusiast models. According to a report from Car and Driver, the future of the upcoming reborn Aston Martin Vanquish could be decided based on DBX sales.

SUV sales play a critical funding role for a carmaker's enthusiast models. The existence of the Porsche 911 and its many variants are mostly made possible by the sales success of the Porsche Cayenne and Macan.


Previously, the Vanquish coupe and Volante were front-engined but the new model is slated to switch to a mid-engine design, just like the also upcoming Valhalla and Valkyrie. Supposedly, the new Vanquish will come powered by the firm's new in-house developed hybrid V6 producing over 700 horsepower. Expect a starting price tag of around $300,000 and a 2023 debut.

However, this is all dependent on the DBX being an immediate success story. The Vanquish is still in development and even that costs money. Put it like this: if the DBX fails to fill Aston Martin's bank account right away, Vanquish development could be put on hold or stopped completely.

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But why is the Vanquish potentially in trouble and not the Valhalla and Valkyrie? For one thing, the Vanquish is the only one slated to be built in larger numbers with a price tag of less than $1 million. Second, those other mid-engined machines are being co-developed with Red Bull Racing, a major money-saving factor. For now, it's still too early to know whether or not the Vanquish has a future, but the answer should become clear by this time next year.

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Source Credits: Car And Driver

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