Future Porsches Could be Built in China

In another step forward towards total Chinese domination, a recent report is claiming that Porsche is considering the People's Republic, along with the U.S., as the next locations to produce the future wave of Porsches. Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller sees the carmaker making up to 200,000 global sales by 2018, so to help reach that ambitious goal Porsche needs to find a place that can handle the increased capacity.

The local Asian choice is China. Parent company Volkswagen Group already enjoys a strong and visible presence in Changchun, China, where the A4L, A6L, and Q5 are built. Since these have the same platform as the Cajun, the new Porsche could find its way there. Production in North America is still unresolved, but both Mexico and the U.S. may be in the running. Either way, the Cajun isn't set to be released until 2013, so there's still time to figure out the logistics.

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