Future VWs Are Only Allowed To Use Synthetic Blinker Fluid

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It makes indicating 69% more pleasing and 420x more efficient.

Volkswagen recently filed a groundbreaking trademark in Mexico. CarBuzz has discovered via The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) that VW's head office filed a trademark for the slogan, "nur synthetische blinkerfleussigkeit verweden," which translates as "use only synthetic blinker fluid."

We've been waiting for a manufacturer to improve the turn signal experience for years, but all of them have been too busy designing EVs to focus on the essentials. We're glad VW is getting back to the basics.

Earlier this year, it told CarBuzz it would launch an all-new infotainment system in 2025, fixing the current buttonless unit in the Golf GTI.


In that same interview, VW stated that it studied the J.D. Power Ownership Survey and noticed that people missed physical buttons. The second-most complained-about problem was the lack of synthetic blinker fluid. This fluid could potentially solve all our fast-blinking problems.

As the name suggests, synthetic blinker fluid will be a man-made substitute for the more traditional petroleum-based fluids used in blinkers up until now.

Since it's man-made, the fluid can be tailored to the specific needs of various customers. The fluid will also be more stable and will take a longer time to break down into its various chemical components.

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Like all car fluids, we'd imagine various grades will be available. Cars that constantly weave through traffic will get a more performance-oriented grade than VW products that are driven at a more leisurely pace. Think Golf GTI versus the humble Passat.

BMW will likely want in on the action since Bimmer drivers rarely go through indicator fluid within the prescribed period of 7,500 miles.

According to inside sources, VW spent the last two years developing synthetic blinker fluid. The methods were quite stringent. Porsche set aside a disused corner of the Nardo Technical Center, and VW erected a fully functioning intersection.

Two brand-new ID.4 electric vehicles were used to test the old against the new. After two million test indications, it was found that the indicating experience was 69% more pleasing in the model filled with the synthetic fluid and 420x more efficient.


For those who could not detect the satire here, blinker fluid isn't real. But, Volkswagen's trademark is very real indeed.

Filed under classes 12 and 35, the former relates to all things automobile - parts and maintenance items included - while the latter specifically references marketing on various platforms, including billboards, radio, and online, ad agency services, and retail outlets.

We expect VW is getting ready for a new marketing campaign, which fits perfectly with the brand's history of using comedy to sell cars. The potential exists for dummy fluid to be sold as part of this campaign, too, so if you've been searching for it, now might be the right time to buy.

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