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Futuristic Audi Pops Up In Ender's Game Trailer

Hollywood / 31 Comments

Audi is definitely good at product placement, even in the future.

Nearly thirty years since the release of the novel, Ender's Game has been made into a movie. And as an extra bonus for fans of both Audi and science fiction, Audi has created a futuristic concept for use in the movie, known as the fleet shuttle quattro. Audi did this once before, with "I, Robot", but this is the first time the contribution will be purely CGI. It is also said that it will mesh better with the film than Detective Spooner's RSQ, a car which seemed a bit pricy for a cop's salary.

The trailer only shows a brief glimpse of the car, and we're not entirely sure that the actual movie will offer a whole lot more, but it's quite possible that the movie will be worth watching anyway.

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