Futuristic Car Sharing Concepts

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Think car sharing programs aren't up to par? Then just wait and see what the future may hold.

The future of car sharing may look a lot different than what we now know as designers have been working on cars designed solely to be shared, not sold. These cars definitely look nothing like the current crop of temporary rentals available today. In the future, expect for them to become smaller and more powerful with a longer lasting battery that will make them more practically suited to daily driving needs. If you're interested in seeing the future of the Zip Car, then continue reading.

The Peugeot Plug was designed by Minchul Kim to function as both a car and a bench. The Plug would have an advanced AI that would remember directions and points of interests. The AI would be able to recommend the spots frequented by locals to the tourists using the Plug to get around the city.

The EDAG Light Car Sharing concept is all-electric and made almost entirely out of modular parts (to make repairs easier). The Light Car would be able to hit a max speed of 62 mph and would be able to hit a top speed of 62 miles. Self-promotion would be the name of the game with this concept, as its brightly lit exterior would literally be able to ask people to take it for a spin.

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MOBI is a single-seat pod car designed by Ajinkya Yadav for the year 2030. The idea behind MOBI is that drivers would lease it under a contract similar to those offered by cellphone companies. Renters would set their monthly driving limits and MOBI would track them and charge them overage fees should they exceed their limit. While this idea may sound absurd now, who knows what will fly in 2030.

If you prefer to share a car that actually looks like a car, then you will love the Porsche 929 concept. The Porsche 929 was designed by Julliana Cho and is perhaps the classiest car ever designed to be shared. The Porsche 929 would seat four and feature butterfly doors. Those two features alone are enough to crown it the most awesome car on this list.

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