Futuristic Delivery Vehicles

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Waiting for that package? Don't worry, it'll hopefully arrive even faster with the help of these vehicles.

Being a mailman will be a lot more awesome in 50 years. The mailmen and delivery drivers of today have an unenviable lot in life; at least as far as company cars are concerned. Mail trucks are too small, delivery trucks are too big and the rest of the delivery world has to use their own cars to get the job done. Luckily for those who deliver packages and other parcels for a living, help is on the way. Designers have been hard at work creating delivery vehicles with futuristic functions that put today's mail trucks to shame.

The Rapid Delivery Vehicle (RDV) was specifically designed by Leighton McDonald for UPS drivers. The RDV features a flexible frame that can be expanded or contracted based upon how many packages need to go out. A truck that could shrink in size could save UPS money on fuel and open up a world of previously off-limits parking spaces to UPS delivery drivers.

If you've ever wondered what a forklift and a stair-car would look like if they had a child, then you are definitely going to want to check out the Forklift Delivery Vehicle. This two-story car was designed by Hamit Kanuni Kuralkan for Honda. The only difference between the FDV and a regular delivery truck is that Kuralkan's design has a built-in forklift in the back designed to load cargo. Oh, and its cab sits about 10 feet off the ground.

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Follow Me is an electric delivery vehicle designed to make speedy deliveries in an urban environment. The vehicle would be a must-have for mobile courier companies as it would allow them to carry more packages at once and cut fuel costs.

Mailmen around the world had to be jumping for joy when they saw the Volkswagen eT! concept. The VW eT! is a futuristic delivery truck/mail car designed to respond to voice commands such as "Follow me" and "Wait here." According to VW, the eT! won't be around anytime soon as it was created to see what the delivery vehicle of the second half of the 21st century would look like.

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