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F1's future is solid, but what will the next generation of racers look like? Here are a few possible previews.

The future of Formula 1 is looking good. If you are an F1 fan wondering what the future of your sport will look like, then you need to check out all of these futuristic F1 concepts. These Formula 1 concepts look a little different from their contemporary counterparts to say the least. Some featured closed cockpits for safety while others are run off of electricity. I'd bet dollars to donuts that at least a few design elements featured here will make it onto the F1 racers of the future.

Christoph Dottelmayer has conceived a green future for F1 with his Venom concept. Venom is an open-wheel racer designed to run off of electricity. The Venom gets its unique name from the Green Mamba snake that inspired its design.

The Mercedes-Benz MB F-11 is an open-top concept racer designed as a tribute to Mercedes-Benz F1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio. The MB F-11 was designed by Javier Persia for the 2011 Silver Arrow contest in Argentina. Persia's design was directly inspired by the W-196 Streamliner and features as indicated by its bulky, throwback frame.

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The Ferrari FX1-i1 was conceptualized by Polish graphic artist Jacek Kolodziejczyk, a Formula 1 fan who became sick of seeing good drivers hurt and killed by flying debris and crashes. Kolodziejczyk's design may infuriate F1 purists, but it actually doesn't look all that different from the open-wheel cars driven today. Driver safety is of the upmost importance in any racing league, and it may only be a matter of time before F1 switches to a closed cockpit.

If you are someone who is considering rioting over the blasphemous FX1-i1, then you'll be happy to see F1 Racing Magazine's take on the future of Formula 1. The magazine recently released an image of what it thought the F1 car of the future would look like. The rendering is incredibly tame and appeals to purists who want their sport to stay as simple as possible.

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