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Mazda has never been a stranger to extravagant designs, but will this continue in the future?

Mazda may be a relatively tiny car company but they have big plans for the future if these concepts are any indication. Not many designers focus on Mazda when creating future cars. The few that do turn out some pretty impressive designs that make you wonder what the future of the automobile will be. And now that Mazda is free from their parternship with Ford, their design visions may become even more elegant. A small glimpse of the (possible) future can be seen below.

The MX-0 is an ultra-light concept EV with a designed weight of 999lbs. This design was created for the 2011 L.A. Auto Show's Design Challenge and is based upon the MX-5. A really, really trimmed down version of the MX-5. That also seats four.

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Anthony Sims' Mazda Tanken concept is the only Zoom Zoom I would ever feel comfortable tearing up sand dunes in. Sims' concept was inspired by American Nature and runs off a 4-cylinder hybrid electric engine. The vehicle has aggressive styling and looks well suited to tackle any sort of trail.

Mazda's Kiyora concept has the best chance of any car on this list of going from concept to reality. The Kiyora has a futuristic look highlighted by its transparent doors and features fuel-saving tech under the hood in the form of Mazda's SKY-Drive six-speed automatic transmission and i-stop, regenerative braking. The concept has a 1.3-liter direct injection engine and can get 75mpg.

Swirling crosswinds served as the inspiration for the naming of the Mazda Kazami. The Kazami is a compact CUV with two doors and 22-inch wheels. This concept's aerodynamic body is described as suggesting "visible lightness" by Mazda.

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