FWD Greatness: Acura Integra Type R vs. Honda Civic Si

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Does today's Honda Civic Si live up to the legacy of its Acura Integra Type R ancestor?

There was a time when Acura sold a car that was affordable and fun. It was the Integra Type R, a now legendary front-wheel-drive coupe. It was excellent in stock form and was a favorite among aftermarket tuners. While the Integra is long gone from Acura's lineup, its present day relative, the Honda Civic Si, is the closet one can get (for a coupe) to FWD performance from a Japanese automaker. But does the 1998 Integra Type R remain to be the better car despite it being 15 years older than the latest Civic Si?

Both cars are VTEC-powered pocket rockets, but is the Integra a more pure sports car? Has the Civic Si become too much of a so-called premium model while sacrificing some of its performance? This new video from the crew over at AutoGuide looks to answer these questions.

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