G-Power BMW M3 GTS

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For those who very naturally love the BMW M3 but find the creature comforts to simply be unnecessary weight, BMW can offer you the M3 GTS. With 450 horsepower, racing suspension and very little else, the M3 GTS is all about track days and makes no efforts to accommodate those who would use it for a daily driver. BMW tuner G-Power has lots of love for the M3 GTS, but they've decided it hasn't gone quite far enough.

While we don't have a complete list of the upgrades they've performed, we do know that they have bolted a supercharger to the 4.4-liter V8 and that it is now putting out "over 600 horsepower". That is quite the bump in power, but the car will need it, as G-Power wants their M3 GTS's to be the new kings of the track. They have said in no uncertain terms that they are looking to take the track-dominating Porsche GT3 RS down a peg, quite a goal.

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