G-Power BMW M6 Takes on All Comers at the Strip

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Tuned M6 Gran Turismos, a 1,500 hp Nissan GT-R and Porsche Cayenne all challenge G-Power 6er to a drag race.

The Moscow Mile drag race is the place to be for Russians wanting to demonstrate their Bavarian power. At the latest meet it was the BMW M6 drivers that were putting down plenty of power with one particular G-Power tuned model looking to make its mark. First up, the 750-hp G-Power M6 takes on a BMW Alpina B6 rated at 540 hp and teaches it a lesson. It then battles a 1,500hp Nissan GT-R which it beats by having a massive head start. Next up for a fight is a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S good for 550 hp, which it comfortably puts in its place.

The finale sees it cross swords with a more than able opponent, a 950 hp BMW M6 ESS. One wins, the other damages the hood. Check out the video to see if the G-Power model makes it a clean sweep.

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