G-Power Celebrates 30 Years with M5/M6 Supercharging

To mark 30 years in the business, G-Power will tune your M5/M6 to 700 horsepower.

It may not have the brutal performance of its twin-supercharger system, but G-Power's all new Mono-Kompressor system for the previous-gen BMW M5/M6's V10 powerplant is certainly more affordable. The limited edition single supercharger kit is available in a range of outputs, including a gentle 77 hp boost for 7,300 Euros, and a power upgrade of 640 hp and 457-lb-ft of torque thanks to the use of a complicated aluminum casting instead of the standard air box.

The most potent upgrade utilizes a back pressure reduced exhaust system with racing catalysts, coupled with around 8.6 psi boost level, to achieve 700 hp and 494 lb-ft of torque. Interested parties will have to part with 14,500 Euros for that tasty bit of kit.

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