G-Power Reveals Tuned BMW X5 M With 789 Horsepower

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Just in case you thought the standard X5 M wasn't potent enough.

High-end tuner G-Power has revealed the Typhoon S, a super SUV based on the already-rapid BMW X5 M.

The BMW specialists have breathed new life into the turbocharged 4.4-liter V8. As a reminder, the range-topping X5 produces 600 horsepower (617 hp in Competition guise) and 553 lb-ft of torque. For most people, those outputs would be more than adequate. G-Power clearly thought those figures were middling and has boosted power to a whopping 789 hp.

As you can imagine, achieving those figures took a fair bit of work. The stock turbochargers have been swapped out for bigger examples that increase the boost pressure. The upgraded turbochargers boast superior internals, including a larger wheel and compressor.

G-Power/Facebook G-Power/Facebook

The changes don't stop there. G-Power has elected to fit the Typhoon S with its signature stainless steel exhaust, which provides a throatier V8 roar and helps to improve power. Moreover, the new system reduces exhaust temperatures and looks excellent, thanks to the carbon-trimmed finishers.

As expected, the X5 M's exterior has been reworked to appear sportier and more aggressive. Let's start with the lowering kit, which comprises height-adjustable coil springs. This brings Typhoon S closer to the ground; it's 1.57 inches lower at the front and 1.77 inches lower at the rear.

This squat, more sinister stance highlights the 23-inch Hurricane RR wheels, which have been painted black to match the exterior.

G-Power/Facebook G-Power/Facebook

The X5 M is no shrinking violet, but G-Power's carbon fiber aerodynamic kit will garner even more attention. The lightweight material has been applied liberally to the luxury SUV and can be seen on the front bumper, side skirts, the prominent rear diffuser, and the rear spoiler. We're guessing it makes little difference to the standard vehicle's curb weight of 5,455 pounds.

The interior remains unchanged, save for a neat plaque denoting that this isn't a regular X5 M. Overall, G-Power has done a fine job upgrading the X5 M. Then again, the company seldom goes overboard in the styling department - unlike certain aftermarket tuners.

Should you require even more power from a G-Power-fettled SUV, the tuner can also offer you a Lamborghini Urus with a mind-bending 830 hp.

G-Power/Facebook G-Power/Facebook G-Power/Facebook

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