G-Power Starts Work on a 620hp 2012 BMW M5

G-Power does their thing with the new BMW M5, giving it an extra 60hp.

The 2012 BMW M5 runs on an already powerful 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8. According to those Bavarian boys over at G-Power, that wasn't enough, as they have added a solid 60hp to the BMW performance sedan. G-Power says that they have boosted total engine output up to 620hp thanks to the use of intake systems and other goodies under the hood, however as it is a work-in-progress, details remain scarce. Changes to the exterior are also planned.

As G-Power releases more information about what they promise to be a spectacular creation, we will keep you posted. Also as a teaser, they have said that their 2012 BMW M5 will top the 200mph mark. Given their track record in the past, we expect only good things from the German tuners.

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