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G6 Convertible Was Good for GM

2006 was a very different time for GM. It wasn't a healthy company, but it was still selling cars and having made a landmark agreement with the UAW, it saw itself returning to profit within a few short years. It just had to hang on until then. As everybody knows by now, that didn't happen and,well, you get the rest. The G6 managed to differentiate itself from its fellow badge engineered cousins by offering a nice looking convertible that not only looked good, but was also fun to drive.

It was decently powerful, but nothing near a performance standout, with the exception of the GT Street Edition convertible, which had a 3.9 liter V6 producing 227 horsepower. Only a four-speed automatic was offered. It was nice while it lasted, but the G6 Convertible, for all of its faults, was a nice attempt to appeal to a younger generation searching for some fun value.

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