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G6 Coupe Was Too Little, Too Late

Pontiac tried. They really did. There were high expectation for the G6, especially the Coupe, mainly due to its sporty exterior. Underneath, it was only accomplished the sport quotient with an average rating. However, Pontiac introduced the GTP in 2006 which had a 3.9 liter V6 (an upgraded version of the 3.5) with Variable Valve Timing. Horsepower was increased to 240 and a six-speed manual transmission was available, along with a four-speed automatic.

This engine was later replaced with a 3.6 liter V6 that increased horsepower to 252 for the 2007 model year. It's clear now that Pontiac was hoping to make the G6 Coupe (and Convertible) respectable performance cars with a reasonable price tag. If Pontiac had continued to produce cars, it'd be a near fact that the G6 Coupe/Convertible/Sedan would have been discontinued anyway. Instead, Pontiac would have become a niche brand that built limited and special edition cars.

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