G63 AMG 6x6: A Six-Wheeled Badass German

How do you make the G-Wagen better? Add an extra pair of wheels, of course.

It’s 19 ft. long, 7 ft. wide and nearly 8 ft. tall. It’s got a twin-turbo V12 and costs $525,000. We’re talking about what’s got to be one of the most insane off-road machines in production today, the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6. That’s "6x6" as in it’s got six wheels. There’s really nothing else like it on the planet, with the exception of its four-wheeled smaller sibling, the good old Mercedes G-Wagen. At an uber hefty 9,000 lbs, it has the ability to drive in over 3 feet of water and hit 60 mph in less than eight seconds.

Despite its awesomeness, is this six-wheeled beast really any better than the standard G-Wagen? What does one get for two extra wheels and nearly $400k more? Motor Trend went to Graz, Austria, to investigate.

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