G90 BMW M5 Spied With Production Body For The First Time

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The beefy brute will once again have a menacing appearance and an imposing footprint.

When it comes to luxury sports sedans, few are as intimidating or as excellent as the current F90 BMW M5. To continue the tradition, BMW began work on the G90 replacement earlier this year. We caught spy shots of the development mule that Munich was using to achieve this, but it revealed little because these early prototypes were a far cry from what the production version will be like. Thankfully, BMW has now begun testing the all-new M5 with its final body, and although the car is draped in a comprehensive camouflage package, we can already see that the new model will be quite a looker.

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We recently came across regular G60 (the 5 Series and the M5 no longer share similar chassis codes) 5 Series prototypes earlier this week, and these indicate that the new 5 will be rather attractive, despite the best efforts of BMW's current design language. The M5 will naturally take on many of the regular 5's styling elements, but now we can see just how much it will differ. From the front, we'll no longer see vertical fins for the enlarged kidney grilles. Instead, these will be horizontally aligned so that the difference between everyday luxury sedan and weekend road warrior is more apparent. We can also just about make out bulging side air intakes and an inverted shape (compared to the regular 5 Series) for the lower intake grille.

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We can also see Pirelli P Zero rubber on new BMW M-specific alloys. The trademark M mirrors with their subtle winglets will also appear once again, but the most obvious change is the wider body. Although the brilliant camo does a great job of hiding them, the bulging wheel arches and fenders of the production M5 are an obvious and welcome returning feature. As on the current M3, these elements are sharper and more angular than ever before. The M5 also boasts more aggressive side skirts.

At the rear, this example is still wearing some form of pre-production taillight clusters, although the headlights appear to be those that will be used in production. The notched trunk lid of the regular 5 is present here too, but with the addition of a subtle lip spoiler. We also see a quartet of chrome exhaust finishers, as is customary.

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We also see numerous decals confirming this to be an electrified vehicle. The most prevalent rumor at this time is that the M5 will get the XM's insane, 750-horsepower, twin-turbo V8 hybrid powertrain. However, the current M5 (excluding the special-edition CS) has a maximum of 617 hp, and BMW does not traditionally give its new generation such a huge power hike. We predict that the real figure will be somewhere around 700 hp, leaving plenty of room for another special edition to arrive later with all 750 ponies. Either way, this will be a beast.

Unfortunately, a reveal is only expected sometime next year, with the car expected to debut as a 2024 model. But it should be worth the wait - another rumor suggests that BMW wants to bring the M5 Touring, or station wagon, back into the fold. If so, the Audi RS6 Avant had better start taking some steroids.

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