Chinese EV Aims To Deliver Ultimate American Road Trip

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The GAC Entranze was designed in America and inspired by private jet travel

GAC Motor established a foothold in the US last year when it opened its California-based Design Studio, headed up by executive design director Pontus Fontaeus. His impressive resume spans companies as diverse as Ferrari and Volvo and Fontaeus has combined his experience to produce GAC's first vehicle to come out of this studio, the Entranze EV seven-seater concept.

"The Entranze is the representation of GAC's wonderful experience exploring the marketplace via the celebrated tradition of the American road trip," says Fontaeus.

According to GAC, that road trip can mean anything from a beach outing to trips to deserts and mountains while still being perfectly suited for daily commuting. An admittedly wide and ambitious remit but what would the point of a concept vehicle be if not to allow the imagination to run wild?

There are a lot of practical and down-to-earth features too, the unusual 3+2+2 seating layout allows for a unique interior design which draws on Fontaeus' background in aerospace cabin design. "We strived to design a special vehicle that showcases fresh ways to approach automotive exterior and interior design by evoking many of the touchstones of private jet travel alongside the newest technologies," he elaborated.

There are further examples of aircraft-inspired design touches such as in the Entranze's user interface system which features a head-up information cluster and HVAC vents located overhead in a console. The EV drivetrain also allows for a less traditional cabin layout although the Entranze still retains a hood and in profile looks like a mix between a crossover and a futuristic minivan. It bears a passing resemblance to the Tesla Model X too and could potentially be a natural rival to that vehicle were it to reach production.

The exact details of the electric motor and battery capacity have not been revealed so we can only guess at its specifications although judging by their Enverge EV concept shown last year, it could offer up to 370 miles of range. For now, the Entranze remains a concept but it is an interesting window into what future models could offer from this huge Chinese auto manufacturer in the years to come.

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