Gallardo Driver's Failed Offroading in Switzerland


Another crashed Lambo meets its maker.

In yet another dismal automotive moment, this 2011 Gallardo LP560-4 has met an unhappy fate, this time when its driver lost control on a Swiss road and seems to have taken his Spyder offroading. While this guy could probably afford a more suitable SUV for mountain climbing, the Gallardo didn't fare all that well when meeting the embankment on the side of the road in Zofingen, Switzerland.

From the pictures, it seems like the airbags deployed, and the rollover bars were triggered. There is also damage to the front bumper, the rear wheels and most likely, the suspension. Additional injuries were sustained by the exhaust system and rear diffuser, but the driver walked away from the scene in one piece. We can't tell if this is a complete write-off or just a very expensive repair job, so keep your fingers crossed and hope this beauty will be back on the road shortly.

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