Gallardo Replacement is Imminent

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After nine years on the market, the Gallardo is on its way out, and its unnamed replacement is only a few months away.

Lamborghini's recent announcement about the so-called "goodbye Gallardo" came only a few days ago, but now we're getting word that its upcoming replacement is due in a very short time. Volkswagen Group China's sales and marketing chief, Weiming Soh, confirmed to Autocar at the Shanghai Motor Show that the Gallardo's replacement was imminent: "We will come out with a new Gallardo in a short time and be able to further progress with Lamborghini." We're anticipating its arrival at the Frankfurt show in September.

No other clues were given such as the car's name, which will more than likely carry that of a legendary fighting bull. We can also fairly assume that the car will once again be powered by a naturally-aspirated V10 but unlike the outgoing Gallardo, no manual transmission will be offered; only a paddle-shift gearbox. All-wheel drive will more than likely be standard but it's possible a rear-wheel-drive version will debut at a later date. What can be guaranteed, however, is that the new Lambo will be even more powerful and faster than the immensely successful Gallardo. Liberal use of lightweight carbon fiber is also a sure thing as well as that typical Lamborghini out-of-this-world styling.

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