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Gallardo to Say Goodbye with One Last Special Edition

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Lamborghini tries to kick the habit of creating special-edition Gallardos. But first, one last special edition Gallardo. (The last one, we swear.)

If you stopped by CarBuzz yesterday, you may have noticed a report regarding the next-generation Lamborghini Gallardo. The Italian automaker, it seems, has grown tired of the endless stream of special editions and model variants of the Gallardo. And so it is committed to keeping it down to a bare minimum for the next-generation mid-engined V10 supercar. But not before it gives the current Gallardo one last hurrah...with (you guessed it) another special edition.

With the Gallardo's replacement not expected to arrive until a good year and a half from now, it may be too early to say what form the farewell edition of the current model will take. Car and Driver anticipates it could be a topless version of the Super Trofeo Stradale (pictured here), which eclipsed the Superleggera model as the ultimate Gallardo to date when it debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show - or possibly a rear-drive-only version of the same. We'll have to wait and see, but whatever it is, it already strikes us as a fitting farewell to a model that has spawned as many derivatives as the Porsche 911.

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