Galpin GTR1 Prototype May Inspire a New Ford GT

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There are certain things in life that are nearly perfect. The Ford GT is one of them, and so is the Galpin GTR1.

Unfortunately, Ford's halo car went out of production back in 2006. It had no successor. But the people at Galpin Auto Sports want to change that, and they're hoping to tempt Ford into building a new GT supercar by creating a vision of their own: the GTR1. Last month the coachbuilder revealed rendered images of its GTR1, and now the real deal has bowed at Pebble Beach. Sadly, it's only "a vision of what the Ford GT may have looked and performed like today" if Ford still built it.

Powered by a twin-turbo 5.4-liter that's good for 1,197 horsepower, the car itself is based on the Ford GT, but both power and styling have been given a dosage of adrenaline. It can hit a top speed of over 225 mph and will make the sprint from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds. The body is made from handcrafted aluminum and has LED headlights, 20" aluminum wheels and carbon fiber bits such as the front lip spoiler. The interior is mostly unchanged from the stock GT, but Galpin added new leather upholstery, updated audio system and a machine instrument cluster. Galpin plans to build no more than 24 examples, each one costing more than $1 million big ones. Ford, are you listening?

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