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Garaged For 20 Years, Low-Mileage Yugo Goes Up For Sale on Craigslist For Double Original MSRP

For Sale

After all, it would be quite valuable to a...Yugo collector. If that's a thing.

We probably don’t have to tell you what a complete disaster of a car the Yugo was. But it’s fun, so we will anyway. Known as the Zastava Koral in its homeland of what is now Serbia, the Yugo was actually a copy of the Fiat 127, a car which had gone out of production as obsolete 10 years before the one you see here was built. To say there were quality issues would be a massive understatement and the car was an utter failure in non-communist countries.

But here’s one for sale in upstate New York that has been remarkably well preserved. It’s being advertised as "mint," but there appears to be a ding in one of the fenders, and the interior is hardly concourse-ready. Moreover, it had 15,000 miles on the clock and is advertised as having been garaged for 20 years. But being a 1987 model, that means it wasn’t garaged for 7 years. None of this would be too big a deal if the asking price weren’t $8,500, about double the original price. Now, that would be the correct inflation-adjusted price for a new Yugo, but that isn’t how the second-hand car market works.

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