Gas Guzzling SUV Sales Soar in the US as Fuel Prices Drop

Screw climate change.

It turns out America never really fell out of love with SUVs. There was no divorce, just a temporary separation. And because gasoline prices have fallen to less than $3 a gallon in much of the country, American drivers want to renew their relationships with SUVs. Forget the threat of climate change. America wants its SUVs back. This is in stark contrast to roughly a year or so ago when auto industry analysts proclaimed that Americans were in the process of permanently switching to smaller and more fuel-efficient cars. "Bigger is better" was a thing of the past.

Now it appears to be a thing of the present and future. In fact, demand for light trucks has been dramatically increasing in recent months, while demand for small cars, specifically hybrids, plug-ins, and EVs has tumbled. Ironically, automakers such as Ford and GM responded to surging gas prices with the re-engineered, aluminum-bodied F-150 full-size pickup and the mid-size Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups, respectively. Still, automotive executives are fully aware that it’s impossible "to make long-term plans based on short-term blips." Point being, gas prices are bound to go up again eventually.

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