Gas Station Clerk Puts a Quick End To Robbery Attempt

So this doesn’t deal directly with cars, but you will still be impressed.

You don’t hear it talked about all that much, but being a clerk at a gas station or convenience store is an incredibly dangerous job, as they are so frequently the victims of violent crime. This video shows a clerk who, in the process of driving back from making a bank withdrawal, becomes the target of a robbery, when the semi-pro MMA fighter he works with jumps in and puts a quick end to the robbing. He runs straight outside with no concern for his own safety, not knowing whether the men are armed.

His bravery is worth noting, but the skill and speed with which he deals with the multiple attackers means that his total badassness is much more impressive and thus quenching our curiosity of what it would look like if an MMA fighter was in a street fight.

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