Geely's First Car Under The Lynk & Co Sub-Brand Is...A Crossover

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At least the premise behind the company sounds interesting, right?

Geely might not be the most well-known car maker on the planet, but it does rank up there as one of the more interesting ones. After all, it's overseen the recent upturn in Volvo's fortunes, and it's already got ambitions to use the Swedish automaker's technology as a base on which to build its own cars. Not content with just building two separate ranges of cars, though, Geely's also got a new sub-brand called "Lynk & Co" in the works. The company just teased its debut car a week ahead of its official reveal at the end of this month.

Of course, the launch of any car company is worth paying attention to, especially since Geely looks like it may be the first Chinese automaker to hit the US. Admittedly, though, a little bit of our optimism was whittled away upon discovering the first Lynk & Co model will be yet another crossover.

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Yes, we know a new car company won't want to take risks with it inaugural model, but we'd have loved to see something less obvious than yet another crossover offering. However, Lynk & Co does redeem itself by the enigmatic possibilities this new vehicle will pave the way for. After all, the brand aims to use this new crossover as the catalyst through which to "re-design the entire process of buying, owning and using a car," and the prominent presence of non-automotive media material on the automaker's website implies there's more to this company's efforts than the crossover it'll be revealing in full on October 20th. So, yeah, Lynk & Co might just be worth keeping a closer eye on.

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