Geely's New Flagship 'Inspired by Fighter Jets and Supercars'

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Also cheetahs, bridges and Chinese heritage.

Look at the new GC9, Chinese automaker Geely's new flagship sedan, which is set to debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November. The company, owner of Volvo, says that its line-topping new car, which was designed by former Volvo designer Peter Horbury, was inspired by "powerful yet agile sources of inspiration" – including supercars, fighter jets and galloping cheetahs. Can't you just see them gallop? It is also heavily based on the KC concept revealed last year in Shangai.

Now, if you think the exterior is full of inspiration, just wait until you take a look at the interior. Geely says that the light, elegant cabin was influenced by Chinese heritage and bridges. Jokes aside, this is Geely's first new model under Horbury's direction, and could prove to be highly important to the brand in China and elsewhere.


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