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Geely Steals BMW X4 Design And Makes It Better

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Geely’s new coupe SUV, the FY11, is arguably better looking than the car it blatantly copied.

Just last week, leaked images emerged showing Geely's first ever sports coupe SUV. Since the covers already came off early, the Chinese automaker has released the first official photos of its upcoming coupe SUV codenamed the FY11, and it looks undeniably gorgeous.

As last week's leaked photos revealed, the FY11 is clearly heavily inspired by other established coupe SUVs on the market, sporting a similar bumper, profile, and fastback-style sloping roofline as the BMW X4. The front is also slender at the top contrasted with large air intakes at the bottom, giving the car a sporty stance.

The crossover also adopts Geely's signature expanding cosmos grille and a full-width horizontal chrome strip that connects with the slim headlights. No official photos have been released of the interior, but the previously leaked images revealed that the cockpit design is also inspired by Geely's German rivals. The shape of the dashboard and center console looks extremely similar to the BMW X4's, and the infotainment system's rotary controller blatantly borrows the design from BMW's iDrive system.

The FY11 will be the third Geely to launch his year alongside an all-new MPV and an all-electric sedan. Geely's coupe SUV will also the automaker's first model based on the Compact Modular Architecture that was jointly developed with Volvo.

According to Geely, using this platform has allowed the automaker to create a vehicle with "true sporting credentials, from powertrain to design." For example, the flexibility and scalability CMA architecture have resulted in lower front and rear suspension systems for better handling and looks.

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Under the hood, the Geely FY11 will use a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that produces 235 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It will also be available with front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations. More details about the interior will be revealed soon before the Geely FY11 launches in China in Q1 2019. Its upcoming electric sedan, on the other hand, will be a global model to rival the Tesla Model 3.