Sleek New Chinese Electric Crossover Clocks 0-62 MPH In 4.2 Seconds

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And it could preview an even hotter electric crossover from Volvo.

Zeekr, an all-electric brand owned by the Geely group, has unveiled an all-new vehicle called the X - and it's quite the looker.

The funky crossover makes use of Geely's Scalable Electric Architecture (SEA) platform, also used to underpin the new Smart #1 (unveiled last year) and, potentially, the forthcoming Volvo EX30. The automaker hasn't shared details on the drivetrain but has said the X will be capable of sprinting from 0 to 62 mph in four seconds or so.

Based on that, it's safe to assume the X will be made available with the dual-motor setup used in the Brabus-fettled Smart #1. This model produces 422 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque.


Design is subjective, but if you ask us, the Zeekr X is quite the looker. The split headlights sit at the end of the clamshell hood, itself festooned with subtle power bulges. The front bumper is particularly interesting, with F-shaped intakes mirroring each other. A body-colored insert takes up the rest of the space and gives the crossover an aggressive look.

The lower parts of the bumpers, along with the side skirts and wheel arch trim, have been painted black to give the crossover a tough look. It also creates the illusion of a taller ride height for the baby Zeekr offering. A lack of visible door handles and angular design cues gives the X a contemporary look.


Around back, you'll find a classy, smoked lightbar with slim lighting elements. The Zeekr nameplate is also illuminated. Overall, the Zeekr has an upmarket look, but we're guessing that the slim rear windscreen will make it tough to reverse out of tricky parking bays.

Interestingly, the Zeekr X measures 175.2 inches from stem to stern, making it longer than the Volvo XC40 Recharge. It also has a more accommodating wheelbase (108.3 inches) but is narrower, at 72.3 inches, and not as tall, at 61.9 inches. Despite using the same platform and wheelbase as the Smart #1, the Zeekr X is larger than its stablemate.

Unfortunately, Zeekr has not shared any images of the X's interior.


The stylish electric crossover is expected to arrive in Chinese showrooms in the second quarter of 2023. Soon after, it will head over to Europe and will lead the automaker's invasion of the fiercely competitive European market. Sadly, we don't expect it to arrive in the USA. Hopefully, we'll receive the reportedly related Volvo EX30 when it arrives later this year.

Zeekr has revealed several appealing vehicles in the past year, including the Zeekr 009, a 536-horsepower all-electric minivan. As mentioned, Zeekr falls under the Geely umbrella, which also includes Lotus, Volvo, and Polestar. Under the automotive giant's stewardship, the aforementioned brands have introduced some serious electric show stoppers, including the Lotus Eletre and the Volvo EX90.


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