2010 LA Auto Show

General Motors Advanced Design California: Cadillac Aera

As the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show draws near, we are looking forward to the Design Los Angeles challenge that's sure to be amazing. General Motors will be submitting the Cadillac Aera. The competition's rules state that it needs to be 1,000 lbs or less in total weight, and the Aera hits it exactly. The Aera is a 2+2 touring coupe with a range of 1,000 miles, and is proof that this feat can be accomplished without compromising size, capacity and safety.

The Aera's highly advanced body structure uses a 3D lattice, mono-formed frame. With a mixture of semi-solid freeform manufacturing and alloy, GM has been able to create a naturally strong and lightweight vehicle. Technologies on the Aera include an All-In-One wheel system, and vehicle to vehicle communication. We can't wait to see this in LA.

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