General Motors Brings Back The Legendary Tripower Name

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But it won't be used to describe carburetors anymore.

Want to sell something in 2018? Just use nostalgia. All of the television shows and movies that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s are being rebooted, and audiences are watching them in droves. Automakers are keen on this nostalgia trend, and companies like General Motors have responded by bringing back models like the Chevy Blazer. Unfortunatley, cars of the past can't simply be recreated today, which is why the new Blazer looks like a Camaro crossover rather than a true body-on-frame truck like the original. GM is now taking another crack at playing the nostalgia card by bringing back the Tripower name.

Muscle car enthusiasts may remember the Tripower name, which was originally used on Pontiac V8 engines in the 1950s and 1960s. Automotive News reports that GM will use the Tripower name for the first time since 1966. Back in 1966, Tripower referred to a trio of two-barrel carburetors sitting on top of a Pontiac's 389 cubic-inch V8 engine. That V8 produced 360 horsepower, which was impressive at the time. The new Tripower name will be used on the 2.7-liter turbo four-cylinder found in the 2019 Chevy Silverado. The same engine will also be found in the Silverado's sister truck, the GMC Sierra.

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GM's new 2.7-liter four-cylinder looks like an impressive engine. It produces 310 hp and 348 lb-ft of torque and can achieve better torque and fuel economy than the V6 model. The Tripower name now refers to three fuel-saving technologies in the engine. The first is the ability to shut down two cylinders at cruising speeds to save fuel. The other two technologies, active thermal management, and intake valve lift control keep the engine at the optimum operating temperature and improve fuel economy. It may not be a V8, but GM's new Tripower technology is far more advanced than its predecessor.


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