General Motors Has Made Some Awesome Colors Over The Years


So why don't we see them on the less expensive models?

General Motors has dwindled its portfolio of brands over the past couple of years. We have seen the deaths of Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer, Saab, and now even Holden is nearing an end. With such a massive range of cars, GM has created an impressive array of colors, the best of which have been seen on performance models. GM has offered many performance cars over the years, and with them, unique colors. Cheap economy cars like the Spark do come in wacky colors, but who really cares about those anyway?

When Chevrolet revealed the fastest version of the C6 Corvette, it had to give it a special color. For the ZR1, that color was Jetstream Blue. This color quickly became the signature color for Chevy's flagship car, and deservedly so. The unique blue paint was matched by blue brake calipers and blue ZR1 badges. Jetstream Blue was so universally loved that Chevy actually decided to offer it on lesser Corvettes, which made it a little less special. The Corvette has been Chevy's flagship car for a long time, and some very nice color options have been available for this sports car. Most Corvettes are red, so having a completely contrasting blue one is a nice way to be different.

GM had a lot of brands that shared paint colors and out next choice is no exception. Starlight Black was offered on a number of GM products such as the Corvette and Firebird. Lexus even offers a color today with the same name. You may ask, what it so special about black? What GM decided to do with it in 1977 puts it high on the list. Black may not be the most standout color, but putting a giant gold bird on the hood does a lot to make the color more exciting. The Firebird had a bird on the hood before 1977, but the '77 Trans Am that was featured in the popular movie 'Smokey and the Bandit' helped cement this legendary car into the American consciousness. The car now known as the 'Bandit car' is seriously cool.

The Firebird was the sister car to another popular GM sports car. The Camaro has come in some exciting colors over the years, but our favorite is Hugger Orange. This color makes the Camaro look great, and we love the hilarious name. The rumor is is that in 1969, GM marketed the Camaro with the nickname "the Hugger." This nickname was used in magazine articles and commercials in reference to the car's handling. The Camaro was a sports car that "hugged" corners, so this special color was meant to show that. We think that orange was a great choice for the Camaro's signature color. When you see a classic Grabber Orange Camaro driving down the street, it will grab your attention.

On our list of colors that we would like to see make a comeback, we included Cadillac pink. Pink Cadillacs were made famous by Elvis Presley who once bought one for his mother. Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater even copied Presley and bought his mom a pink Escalade. Every year, the top sales people from Mary Kay Cosmetics were given a pink Caddy as a reward. A pink car is definitely a tough sell to most consumers, although we still love the idea of a 640 horsepower pink CTS-V. Not many manufacturers would have the guts to paint a car pink, so we give GM a lot of credit for making this color synonymous with the Cadillac brand. Come on GM, please bring this color back.


Our number one color on this list is perfect. In fact, it's actually called Perfect Blue. While it looks a lot like Jetstream Blue, it's available on the 2015 Chevy SS. Unfortunately, the 2016 model won't be offered in this color, so you better go find a 2015 leftover while you still can. The SS is based on the Holden Commodore which is built in Australia. That is where this color originally came from. The SS may be the perfect sedan at the moment, so it's fitting that it comes in the Perfect Blue. Which GM color do you think is best? Let us know in the comments.

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