General Motors Helps People In Path Of Hurricane With Free OnStar


Hopefully, this will help GM owners avoid the storm.

When a hurricane is about to hit, the number one priority becomes keeping people safe. To that end, Tesla has offered free supercharging to its customers who are in the path of a hurricane, thus allowing them to hopefully get out of the area and avoid the storm.

General Motors has been among the automakers who offer discounts to hurricane victims and now the company will go down a similar route as Tesla to aid people in Florida, Georgia, and Alamaba who are in the path of Hurricane Michael.

Instead of offering free supercharging, GM will activate OnStar Crisis Assist services in properly equipped Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles. If you are currently in the path of Hurricane Michael, your GM vehicle should now have access to 24/7 OnStar advisors that can help you avoid dangers.

OnStar Crisis Assist includes: coordinating emergency rescue and evacuation services, routing away from danger, connecting callers with loved ones, family, and friends, directing to available resources such as shelter, food, and water, booking hotel rooms, and keeping a record of hands-free calls.


GM will also activate data (provided by AT&T) for available in-vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspots. So, if you are in the path of the hurricane and drive a GM vehicle, be sure to take advantage of the free OnStar support.

Just press the OnStar button on your rearview mirror and you'll be connected to an advisor at GM's high-tech command center who can hopefully help you avoid the storm.

Jeffrey Sauger for OnStar.

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