General Motors to Develop Next Generation Compact Pickup


Now that Ford is set to discontinue the Ford Ranger for the American market, GM is seeking to capitalize on this soon to be empty segment. If you haven't heard, the new global Ford Ranger will be available pretty much everywhere - except the U.S. in the coming months. And since the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are in desperate need of a redesign, GM believes now is a great time to increase compact pickup sales.


Set to be based on a world platform, GM is seeking expertise from their division in Thailand, which is a major market for compact pickups. However, the new trucks will be built in the U.S. in order to avoid the infamous "chicken tax," a 25 percent tariff. Although both Toyota and Nissan make compact picks, GM will be left as the sole domestic automaker in the compact market. This will undoubtedly be quite appealing for many prospective buyers. Ironically, GM was planning to also discontinue their compact twins, but the news from Ford apparently made them re-consider their plans.

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