Genesis Already Off To A Hot Start This Year


And the SUV isn't even on sale yet.

Genesis kicked off 2020 with a bang by revealing its first-ever SUV model, the GV80. The addition of an SUV will almost certainly improve the Genesis' sales, even after doubling deliveries in 2019 with a sedan-only lineup. The Korean automaker is clearly building up momentum, as evidenced by the company's first sales report of 2020. Genesis Motor America reported sales of 1,399 units in January 2020, marking a 14.3 percent increase compared with January 2019.

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"January represented a strong start to our sales year - balancing significant year-over-year growth with some limited challenges in supply after closing 2019 with our best-ever sales month in December," said Mark Del Rosso, Chief Executive Officer, Genesis Motor North America. "It also saw the global and US debut of our new, first-ever flagship SUV - the GV80. I just can't say how thrilled and anxious our retail partners are to see our new flagship GV80 SUV in their communities across America. It's the embodiment of our new 'Young Luxury' brand positioning so eloquently launched by spokes-couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen in our first-ever Super Bowl Ad yesterday."

Even though the ad featured the GV80, a vehicle that isn't on sale yet, Genesis is showing growth across its current model lineup. The company's best-seller, the G70 sedan, sold 716 units in January (an increase of 20.1 percent compared to 2019). Likewise, the recently facelifted G90 sedan sold 227 units (an increase of 46.5 percent).

Genesis 2019 - 2020 Genesis G70 Front Angle View CarBuzz 2017-2020 Genesis G80 Sedan Front View Genesis 2017-2020 Genesis G80 Sedan Rear View Genesis
2019 - 2020 Genesis G70 Front Angle View
2017-2020 Genesis G80 Sedan Front View
2017-2020 Genesis G80 Sedan Rear View

Only one model, the G80 sedan, saw a small decrease in sales compared to 2019 (down 3.6 percent) with 456 units sold. This is likely because the G80 is now the oldest sedan in the Genesis lineup and the next-generation model has been delayed. We expect a new G80 to be revealed later this year with a possible debut set for the Geneva Motor Show in March. Once the new model arrives, sales should be reinvigorated. We also wouldn't be surprised if the GV80 becomes the company's new best-seller, beating out the three sedans combined in the process.

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Side View 2019 - 2020 Genesis G70 Front Angle View 2017-2020 Genesis G80 Sedan Front View

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