Genesis Chooses GT90 As Potential Name Of High-End Sports Car

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Genesis has reiterated its commitment to sports cars with a new trademark.

CarBuzz has discovered proof that Genesis is working on a sports car called the GT90, potentially a coupe version of the Genesis G90. The Korean automaker has filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the GT90 moniker, supporting its intent to rival the Bentley Continental GT.

The name was originally trademarked in 2017, but this time is different because the automaker specifically filed it in relation to sports cars, rather than just automobiles in general.

Genesis has a history of applying the GT moniker to sporty vehicles (remember the Genesis Coupe GT?), so it tracks that this name will see use on an athletic body style. Genesis already has quite a stunning design to apply the GT90 name to, so the stars appear to be aligning.

CarBuzz / Mitchell Weitzman

In 2021, Genesis unveiled the exceedingly pretty X Concept, which was followed up by the X Speedium Coupe Concept the following year. This then spawned a convertible version, reinforcing the idea that Genesis wants to crack into a new segment. Moreover, the automaker has committed to more coupes, despite the market's obsession with SUVs.

Just last month, the brand's head of product planning Mark Choi revealed that the company is determining if it would be possible to bring the abovementioned X Convertible and X Speedium to production. If they do arrive, they will be luxury-focused machines rather than track-biased toys: more Bentley Continental GT, less Porsche 911 GT3.

CarBuzz / Mitchell Weitzman

Evidence of this aversion to hardcore performance was found by us last year when we unearthed details on the brand's forthcoming bespoke department. Moreover, a Genesis dealer recently claimed that the Speedium X Concept is earmarked for production. If that's true, perhaps it will be renamed the GT90, but that's not the only pleasurecraft in the pipeline. Last year, the automaker also filed to protect the GT60, GT70, and GT80 names (albeit in Cuba, not the USA).

With everything we know about the brand's interest in sportier vehicles and its plans for enhancing the customization experience, it appears that these trademarks are simply more evidence of Genesis laying the foundations for an upmarket onslaught that will finally include coupes and convertibles. Genesis has triumphed where others like it have failed, and if anyone can make a Bentley buyer think twice, it's Genesis.


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